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Eyelash Cosmetics

ZORIA Eyelash Enhancer720-5-01
Zoria Boost Lash Intensifying Serum utilizes patented technology to naturally stimulate, strengthen and condition eyelashes creating a dramatically longer, fuller, darker look. Ideal for individuals with sensitive eyes. No prescription required.

Do you want long, thick, dramatic eyelashes? NEW Zoria® Boost™ Lash Intensifying Serum utilizes patented polypeptide technology to naturally enhance and support the eyelash growth cycle at all three phases for dramatically longer, fuller and darker-looking eyelashes.

Zoria® Boost™ is a clinically proven, drug-free formula that is non-irritating and delivers noticeable results without the potential side effects associated with other lash-enhancement products.

For optimum results, use in conjunction with Zoria® Boost™ Mascara. Zoria® Boost™ Mascara combines the lash-intensifying serum of Zoria®Boost™ with a mascara for daily use.

Clinically Proven Non-Irritating Formula
Will Not Cause Iris or Skin Pigmentation
Available Without a Prescription
Zoria® Boost™ Lash Intensifying Serum contains 0.2 fl. oz. (6 mL) and is intended for use at night.

Makeup Remover Zoria Makeup Remover is a gentle, water-base makeup remover that effectively removes cosmetics without irritating the eyes or leaving residue. Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. No oils, dyes,parabens or fragrances. Perfect for people that have dry eyes.

Grandelash-MD (3month supply)

GrandeLASH-MD is an award winning eyelash conditioner, created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, plus conditioning ingredients. GrandeLASH-MD delivers more youthful, healthy and dramatic eyelashes within 4-6 weeks, results may vary. It is scientifically tested and safe for use around the eyes. Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee!

Buy with confidence from an eyecare professional with over 30 years experience.

A long wearing black liquid eye liner that enhances lashes in 4-6 weeks. GrandeLINER is the ultimate, waterproof, long-lasting precision brush tip liquid eye liner. It provides a rich black color to the lash line, while delivering the exact amount of lash boosting needed to improve the appearance of longer and thicker lashes within 4-6 weeks, results may vary. GrandeLINER goes on in one steady stroke, conveniently applying a precise smudge-proof line. It can be used to create any dazzling eye makeup look for day or night.

Buy with complete confidence that this product is AUTHENTIC.


14 day return policy on all products except GrandelashMD has 90 day return policy

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