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focuscontacts50% off a non-prescription sunglass purchase or 30% off any prescription glasses purchase when you purchase your year's supply of contact lenses.  You cannot apply this discount in addition to glasses insurance allowances or combine it with any other offer.

Limited time offer. Buy a year's supply of contacts and get a FREE pair of Nonrx Sunglasses from a special collection.

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Second Pair Glasses Specialtwopairs

Buy one pair of glasses at the usual price and receive 25% off any additional pairs. Not valid with other offers or insurance.

patadaysmallSave up to $10 on allergy eyesdrops.
Save up to $10 for Pataday Allergy Relief Eyedrops

restasisSave up to $20 on Chronic Dry Eye drops.
Save up to $20 on Restasis Ophthlamic Emulsion drops

dailiesGet a free trial of one a day contacts and save up top $100.
Save up top $100 on Dailies contacts by Ciba Vision

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optifreeSave $2 on contact lens solution.
Save $2 on OPTI-FREE contact lens solution

Save money on SYSTANE eye drops

ocuviteSave $5 on eye vitamin drops.
Save $5 on Ocuvite eye vitamin and mineral supplement drops

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freshlookGet a free trial of color contact lenses.
Get a free trial of FreshLook color contact lenses

coopervisionSave money and get a free trial of contact lenses.
Get a free trial of Cooper Vision contact lenses

clearcareSave money on Clear Care disenfecting solution

blSave money on a year's supply of B&L Soft contact lenses

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